09 March, 2013

Just like the movies

After listening to everyone talk about House of Cards for a while, I finally decided to see what everyone was so excited about. If not for that late winter snowstorm we had yesterday, who knows? What I don't understand is why no one told me that an education bill was so central to the plot. I LOVE education. I LOVE politics. I LOVE Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara (and if I could have Mara's character's wardrobe I would be pretty satisfied).

I don't know all of the who's who for NCLB and certainly not for any major bill that happened prior, so I'm not sure exactly how realistic some of this is. Spacey's character is Majority Whip from South Carolina. I'm only a few episodes in but just those facts make his battles with the teachers' union seem realistically possible.

Like anyone else who watches tv and movies for fun, I have opinions on the asides to the camera and Robin Wright's haircut. But I'm sure you can find those anywhere on the internet. I am curious how the writers chose education as the vehicle for so much of the action. What does it say about who really influences decisions that are made about public education. Does everyone with a netflix account want to be at the table for that discussion in real life?

I know, it's fiction. art. the opposite of The Newsroom. something to watch while I grade papers all weekend.

And those friends who didn't tell me this series was about my favorite things? Well their names are already organized on a magnetic board above my desk. Just wait until they need some of my political capital.

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