18 August, 2010

Neon expo markers? Yes, please!

Getting ready for school seems so much harder than anything I do during the school year because finding a place to start can be really challenging. This is how I end up sitting in my room surrounded by stacks of lesson plans on one side, resources I've acquired behind me, school supplies on the other side, and a stack of to-do lists in front of me.
I've found a few helpful things so far.

I found out that you can buy school supplies on amazon.com. I'm sure everyone else already knew this, but finding a way to avoid the back to school rush at Staples seemed like quite a victory to me. Plus, they have these.

And I'm already excited about creating lessons on wordplay.com. It's a great new tool for Spanish teachers. Free, customizable vocabulary lessons, with sound. The best part? You can monitor how your students are doing at learning and retaining words, there are class and individual statistics. The developers of this website have been nothing but helpful to me, I highly recommend it.

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