23 June, 2010

With colleagues like these...

Until the school year ends, I'll be a bad World Cup spectator. I recommend bolas y bandeiras for updates and great images.

With all of my students' Regents graded, I'm starting to feel the end of the year sigh of relief. But this seems to be the part of the year when politics take over and staff start acting like the students more than adults.

At least 4 of my coworkers won't be back next year and a lot of others are worried about being excessed. But they aren't alone in leaving the building- the cuts at other schools in our campus have been drastic and we are feeling the effects. One school has even asked for help with their test administration, which creates a lot of extra work for us. It's interesting, and disheartening, to find out how many teachers in my campus community will let politics and clashes with administrators take priority over what's best for the students.

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