07 March, 2010

"Drop me in the middle so I can make a ripple"

Last week was my first Quality Review. I have never been so nervous at work before, even when I had a job that involved using power tools regularly. After the 2 day circus, and finding out the results, I'm not convinced I had anything to do with what happened.
From what I understand, the letter grades high schools receive are based on statistics like credit accumulation and graduation rate. And the rest of the quality review is based on classroom observation, student interviews, etc. So what if the reviewer picks a student we've never really reached? One whose guardian I've spoken to approximately every 2 weeks for the last year and a half, and never for a positive report? One who has 2 credits from freshman year and isn't on track to earn any this year? One who doesn't respond to teachers, guidance counselors or coaches?
Shouldn't there be some middle ground between a grade based entirely on impersonal data and one based on information from 5 teachers and 5 students? I was skeptical of the quality review before I experienced one, because schools that seem completely different to me receive the same barely informative grade or report. I saw some positive things last week, but I'm nowhere near convinced I'm working in the right system.

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