30 November, 2009

teaching health has taken over my life

Thanks to budget cuts and extra responsibilities for everyone, I now teach health class to 11th graders, in addition to 3 levels of Spanish. At first I looked at planning for health class like studying for one of those college classes you have to take but don't care about.
One of the benefits of teaching health is when you're talking about reproductive health & emotional issues, students are almost automatically engaged. Another benefit is that if students develop or demonstrate an interest in something, I can run with it, as long as we stay on topic.

Some students don't understand why HIV/AIDS is something important for us to study. Some have very inaccurate understandings ("The government has the cure, they just won't release it!" "Only gay people get AIDS" "It doesn't show up for 7 years").

In honor of World AIDS day and the 33 million people living with HIV or AIDS, we'll be looking at some statistics and personal stories tomorrow and I hope many other teachers will be doing the same.


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Amy R said...

you have a blog! and you're the best health teacher ever! for reals.