29 September, 2009

What If I Were a Student in my Class?

I spent the last 2 day at a synagogue, mostly not thinking about school. But as I was reading pages of Hebrew, some of which I only see once or twice a year, I couldn't help thinking about my students. Despite the different alphabet, is this how my students feel when I hand them a reading or writing assignment in Spanish? For me, the strategy that works best with Hebrew is to start reading out loud and hope I can get through the word with reasonable speed, which gets easier as I go along. How can I convince my students to go out on a Spanish limb and not feel embarrassed or awkward?

I caught up on some tv while I was waiting to break my fast last night, and this scene from "Community" on NBC seems like a pretty accurate depiction of my life, except I have younger students and a little more chaos. The entire episode was hilarious, I highly recommend it.

07 September, 2009

Data for the New Year

As this is the Jewish month of preparation, I've been doing a lot of planning, some of it has even been for school.
Mostly, I've been looking at the data:
210 -number of students I will be teaching
405- approximate number of students in my school
4- different classes to teach
7- sections of those 4 classes
34- students in most classes thanks to budget cuts
1 - piece of furniture in my classroom that isn't a student desk- a half broken file cabinet
2- approximate number of broken things in my classroom (discovered so far)
$500- approximate cost to fix broken things
30- number of textbooks in my department that were published in the last 9 years
0- number of those textbooks that are for my subject
3 - hours we will be spending in a meeting tomorrow
630- copies for the first few days of school, which I left in an unlocked room since I have
0 - keys that work now that the locks were changed on every room I use
$79.18- money spent at Staples in the last 2 days
23 - days until the 1st real day off (not counting Yom Kippur)