03 August, 2009

What I Forgot on my summer vacation

Since I happen to have 2 months off, I've been spending a little time watching tv. While I'm in Ohio I've seen quite a bit of the Today Show and it never fails to impress me. Not only do they not present the actual news, but they somehow manage to make even human interest stories as boring as possible. Highlights:
- A decorating segment using $12 beach backgrounds from Target to make fake family vacation photos, because "the nature thing is so big right now."

- The reenactment of the wedding party dance, which goes on for the full length of the song

-And, from this morning, this visit to a hospital to investigate a drug Michael Jackson may have been taking. In the interest of a position paper on grammar I have to write, I won't list all of the things that are wrong with this video.

1 comment:

Angela said...

That was hilarious. I watched the clip you linked to with the wedding dancers. It's like an alka-seltzer commercial: I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SHOWED THE WHOLE THING.