31 August, 2009


For a few days, I was on a teacher roll, writing unit maps for all 4 (that's right, 4- 3 levels of Spanish and a health class) of my classes. Then I took my computer to the apple store to get the disk drive replaced.

They broke the entire top case during the hour that they were repairing the disk drive and I spent the next 6 days not doing work. It was hands down the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I drove a 10 year old car for 4 years and had less trouble getting it repaired. And now all of a sudden it's crunch time.

The beginning of the year is so much paperwork- rules handouts, interest surveys, mind maps, and I have to create them all. This is when I really appreciate my group of Teaching Fellows, we already have plans to get together and share what worked from last year.

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