12 August, 2009

back to work, sort of

Tomorrow I'm proctoring Regents, it should be a thoroughly boring experience as usual, but I'll survive, although I will miss the Today Show.

Last weekend I went to D.C. to visit a friend from high school (our appalachian high school which had the exact same graduation rate as the Brooklyn school where I now teach).
We discovered that if you watch only the deleted scenes and alternate ending of Titanic, the movie becomes infinitely better.

Then we went to the White House because my friend works for a government agency, and employees are allowed to take guests on tours on weekends. I was jealous until I remembered that I have 2 months of summer vacation while my friend has a government issue blackberry that must be carried around at all times. The West Wing was as impressive as I imagined, because I am a history dork and think such things are impressive. Security, of course, was also impressive, and apparently took 4 times longer than usual to agree to put my name on the visitor list. I wonder why?

Afterward we sat in the 98 degree weather talking about our jobs. When people ask about my job I usually tell the funny stories but I mentioned some of the problems my school, and the NYC public schools in general, are facing. So my friend challenged me: Make a list of the 10 biggest problems facing New York City Public schools today.

Her job is not in education and I've yet to solve any problem bigger than the time a member of the Crips was walking around the school tearing down posters for the Blood drive because of the word "blood," but I agreed, because who can say no to a challenge. And I have realized that this is quite a challenge. So, suggestions? thoughts?

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Angela said...

Um, no suggestions, because I'm laughing too hard about the Crip pulling down the blood drive posters. ROTFLOL