17 May, 2009

"Sin prisa, sin pausa"

All year I thought I didn't want it to be summer, because I would miss working all the time. Now that there are something like 5 weeks left, I'm ready for the unlimited free time. (Even though I'm sure I'll be bored after a week.) 
But there is so much left to do! Getting ready for Regents, covering everything that (I think) needs to be covered in each level, writing a curriculum for foreign language at my school so that next year we know what needs to be covered in each level, observations by 5 different people at least, etc. And a new semester of grad school starting in a week. There aren't enough verbs in this paragraph, but I'm just going to admit that and accept it.  I know that everyone in New York is moving now, but I just renewed my lease for another year because I love this apartment, my rent is way lower than it should be, and I just can't fathom finding time to look for an apartment and move into it. This will be the first time since high school that I've lived in the same place for an entire year (hopefully 2 years), it's kind of an achievement I think, for me at least. 

As far as the last few weeks go, I have no idea what to expect. My students have been twice as crazy as at any other point in the year. The heat in my room sporadically comes on in the afternoons and I can't teach with my door open because of the craziness in my room and the students from other schools in the building who wander in to say hi. It's hard to keep track of who is suspended, who is on vacation, and who argued during math class and will fight in my class if given the opportunity. And, as the one who is supposed to be calm despite the students being insane, I am so ready to be done with the stress. My classroom faces a park and every time the weather is nice I'm ready to climb out the window as much as my students are. 

I feel guilty because I am running out of the energy to plan lessons and grade work. I guess after a few years this gets easier, but it seems like a lot of people at my school are feeling this way. Lately I've been spending as much time talking to students about their grades or their problems or why they just got kicked out of class/in a fight/etc as I've been spending planning and grading. That's where the guilt comes from, but as much as I know my extra-peppy professors from last summer would hate it, I think I just have to do what I can to not go crazy in the next few weeks. 

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