09 January, 2009

This  was read at my synagogue tonight and after all of the things I've seen kids go through in the past year I really connected with it. 
I have been so busy at work this week that I haven't had a chance to talk about things like the Middle East, so I am taking the next 12 hours off. 

08 January, 2009

"what will be will be and so it goes"

(-Jack Johnson)

The insanity at work is snowballing and by the time we have our weekly staff meeting next week I am expecting something worthy of a telenovela episode. I guess my old jobs have just been especially calm. 

Today I tackled my grading pile and got to the assignment where students compared places in The Motorcycle Diaries to places in their communities. The most common responses "they have cows," "people fight at parties in Argentina and in Brooklyn" and "we all eat greens but we cook ours."
Those answers are enough to put me in a good mood until the next time a student yells at me for asking them to stop talking in the middle of a lesson. 

06 January, 2009

"Nothing always found a way in..."

Today I got a surprise observation for the last 10 minutes of the last class of the day, and then an hour long lecture about it, ending with being told that some students hate me (with a smile, so I had no idea! what to say in response).  I am not a fan of people saying "as long as you don't talk over your students, just wait for them to be quiet..." as if it will solve the problems of what to do when a career Blood doesn't feel like learning Spanish because it might ruin his high or the girl whose family member just died starts crying in the middle of class, but you don't know that happened because no one tells you. 
Three of my Teaching Fellow friends have quit recently, which is not what I'm planning on, but it's only been 2 days since break ended and I'm really starting to miss the appreciation people showed me during the break.