13 December, 2008

"well, that lasted long"

One thing that I have learned in the last month is that it's great to plan ahead but something crazy will inevitably happen every other day, at least at my school. 
For example:
- the day after the election everyone was so happy. Students had debates about whether or not firing your gun when the results were announced was an appropriate way to celebrate and asked me "How do you say change in Spanish?"
- the day a student who I didn't know came into my class and refused to leave, so he spent 10 minutes screaming in my classroom because I couldn't get any deans on the phone.
-a student saying "you're the only Spanish teacher I've learned from." at the end of a terrible day
- and the latest- 6 fire alarms pulled in one week. Since the new school-wide policy is to re-scan every student from all 3 schools after an alarm is pulled, friday afternoon I spent an hour outside with no coat and several other freezing teachers (and students!), waiting for it to be our school's turn to go through the scanner. No one had coats because the alarm was pulled during our lunch and students can't go to their lockers during a fire drill, so teachers don't go anywhere to grab their coats either. So the rest of lunch and the last period of class were cancelled because by the time our school got inside there were 10 minutes left in the school day. Teachers and students ran around in the cafeteria and classrooms trying to distribute/collect report cards, which actually worked out pretty well. So far, everyone has learned that we should take our coats everywhere. 

So last night after I warmed up from freezing (and having a cold already) for an hour, I went back to East End Temple which is always wonderful. And today I went to the union square holiday shops. Poor choice on a saturday, I spent a solid 5 minutes with a stroller hitting my back repeatedly because some lady thought ramming it into me would move the 300 people in front of me. But, I did buy a ton of jewelry from this guy who doesn't have a website but his email is mycopper@gmail.com. He gave me an extra piece of jewelry because I bought so much! I have seen a lot of jewelry in a lot of places and this stuff is definitely on the top 5 list of most beautiful. So if you are in New York and you still need a gift for someone, you know where to go.
I love holiday shopping. I can't stand the crowds, but I love trying to find gifts for important people that they wouldn't find for themselves. Plus, somehow I'm only 22 and all of the people I love are so spread out that I like to give them things that remind them of me so that they don't forget me in the long periods of time when we don't see each other.