26 October, 2008

what if you couldn't see the bridge out the window?

I have now had 4 flights in a row be on time in and out of jfk. It's amazing and I can only imagine that I will be stuck there for at least 5 hours on the way home for Christmas as payback for all of these easy trips. 
This weekend I went back to Pittsburgh for homecoming. I stayed in my old apartment and went to all of these familiar places and took a break from being a person with a full time job and retirement account. I was kind of nervous about what it would be like to go back. It is always weird going back to places, which I do every once in a while since I have so much trouble staying in one place. It's weird because you forget that things happen while you aren't there. Different people live in my old apartment, even though some of my old things are still there. I've missed things that have happened and things that have happened to me didn't affect people there.  But this weekend was fun and totally relaxing and I am already sad to not be there and want to go back for a longer weekend sometime, like mid-winter break. Sometimes I really miss it and wish I were still there, and sometimes I am really happy that I'm not in college anymore.  

I think that is also how I feel about my job. I love it a lot, and I talk about it all the time (my college friends are probably happy I couldn't stay longer because I would have never run out of stories about teaching). But I'm not sure that I'm good at it and it's really hard. But I know that next year will be a lot easier since I'm teaching every level of Spanish this year, so I'll have a lot of things already planned for next year. It just seems especially hard because I work all day and then come home and work for at least another hour or two(, or seven on the weekends). I worked pretty hard in college, too, but I didn't have to get up at 6:20 and I never had discipline issues at my old job. 

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