27 September, 2008

only 3 weeks?

So may things happen every day that I can't even begin to list all of them. And somehow it's almost the end of the marking period. I have lost my voice from saying "no talking during the quiz" so many times and spending an hour after school one day calling parents. 
I spent a whole day accidentally crip flagging, not the best choice in my school. I've kicked 3 kids out of class (just for the day) and next week I have to start doing cafeteria duty every other day. I haven't actually been in the cafeteria yet. 
The other teachers at the school are really helpful with everything and are mostly pretty young teachers so the teachers' lounge is a fun place. 
And for the 1st time in my life I don't have to skip school to go to the synagogue for the holidays because NYC public schools are closed for Jewish holidays. 
I've had some particularly bad days, but it seems like every day is part great and part horrible which makes it easier to keep working on lessons when I should be sleeping than it might be if every day were all bad. 
And the debate last night? No mention of the fact that the debate was taking place at the University of Mississippi practically on the anniversary of this:


And there's also this.

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