01 September, 2008

The 1st day of school?

By virtue of my missing a phone call from a principal but having a phone with functioning voicemail for once, I have to call first thing in the morning about going in for an interview. Apparently there are still schools looking for teachers even though tomorrow is the first day of school.  I hope that myself and the many many (I've heard as many as half of the math fellows alone) Teaching Fellows without jobs yet find places at these schools soon. There is a lot of unhappiness among the unemployed teaching fellows who feel that the program and the DOE accepted too many people this year. For me this means that I will probably have competition at this interview tomorrow, quite possibly from a more experienced teacher. However it also means less time at the school where I am a sub, which is a great thing. 

Aside from the DOE and New York State government, there are plenty of other people who do not have the best interests of public school students in mind. Here is one of them, doing a sportscast in 1988, courtesy of my favorite website deadspin.com. 

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Chester Kent said...

I find it interesting that NYC lists MAth as one of the shortage areas yet math teachers were looking for a job. I just finished my certification in Secondary English Education and I havent subbed yet. Never mind that NY State/Albany is taking forever to even begin reviewing my application.

Thanks for these posts.