07 August, 2008

This is why I like the Giants, not the Jets

Further proof that everyone in New York comes from either Brooklyn or the midwest- Brett Favre replaces Chad Freaking Pennington on the Jets (West Virginia is midwest, right?). Brett Favre has played football almost as long as I've been alive. And then...he retired. About 6 months ago. He may have forgotten, but I haven't, because it was all over the news. And not just ESPN, the news that people who don't care about sports watch every day to find out about politics and economics. He gave press conferences and morning show interviews about how much thought had gone into his decision to leave football. 
And now he's back. Wearing the same color jersey, but in my media market. And this moves him to the #2 spot on the list of people I strongly dislike this week. Right below the everyone at the NYU medical Center and just above Governor Patterson (and much of the New York State legislature). 
Those other 2 people are personal things though. I imagine many of the other NYC Teaching Fellows and recent graduates with degrees in education are feeling the budget cuts as well.  And the City Council, etc, are working with schools, but way too much money is missing from the budget. Teachers who already have jobs are looking at cuts in supply money (as in not enough copy paper to make handouts for classes that already don't have textbooks). And I imagine my summer school students who were hoping to take saturday school so they could graduate on time will be pretty unhappy. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should try listening to "justify my thug" or "public service announcement" instead of "Mother I made it." 

And in regards to the election, if my mind hadn't already been made up about who to vote for, I would most likely be doing some serious research on the candidates' health care policies, having already spent $1200 and preparing to spend another $5000 or so on tests and a surgery that takes about 30 minutes and doesn't require an overnight stay. Wait until my DOE insurance takes effect in September? Absolutely not, I'd rather make credit card payments for 3 years than miss a week of school in my first month. That is, if I can get a job by September. 

One good thing about this week- the purchase of Duffy's cd "rockferry." She is, in my opinion, an updated Carole King, which is one of the best things a singer could be. 

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