31 August, 2008

August is such a nothing month

Very quick, Laurel-style, summary of August: my fantastic performance at Pianos (part of that may have been in july), the sexual fantasy conversation in chinatown, the episode at Virgin Mega, surgery/massive credit card debt (but hot doctors!), Olympics (swimming of course, President Bush slapping Misty May's ass, King James), countless interviews, psychic powers, Jersey, DRAMA, way too much talking on the phone, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and of course, the beginning of football. Oh, and I bought a plane ticket to visit Pittsburgh which I am already excited about, what could be better than my bffs and the turquoise couch and a reenactment of one of the top 5 most ridiculous weekends of Senior Year. 
Anyway, as far as school, I have nothing to say as I am still unemployed (but I have a teaching job for next year... and a new career plan picked out just in case).  Apparently people actually read this, so here is something of substance.

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