14 June, 2008

"Welcome to Brooklyn"

I think everyone who moves to New York in their twenties is required to start a blog, so I'm following the rules. Training for NYCTeaching Fellows starts monday and I am incredibly nervous and excited. Everyone I meet keeps reminding me that I have chosen an impossible job in an impossible city. I don't believe them, but it gets tiring to listen to. 
So far I love living in Brooklyn, and the idea of living in Brooklyn. I can get everywhere pretty easily, it takes the same amount of time for me to get to the upper west side as it does to get to the beach at Coney Island, and I am having fun exploring and going back to my old favorite places. My next challenges are to start meeting people and to find a school to teach at. I have always been able to move places where I didn't know anyone, so I'm not too worried about that (maybe I should worry more and put some effort into it though). The school thing requires a lot of interviews which I conveniently have a few hours for because of training. 
So, that's enough until I actually have something to say, other than that I saw a Karate Kid tattoo on the subway today. 

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