15 June, 2008


Tomorrow is the beginning of the Teaching Fellows program. We start at Lincoln Center where presumably someone will say something inspirational (to cancel out all of the discouragement that comes from family/friends/strangers?) and we get to meet all of the other fellows.  Hopefully this week I will be hearing back from some of the schools I spoke to last week about setting up interviews. Although I have spent most of my weekend doing the assignments we need to have completed before training instead of preparing a demo lesson for interviews. 
This morning I went to the fledgling Brooklyn Flea to find some graduation gifts. I ended up with a rolling pin and Glacier State Park drinking glass (my Cola Cao tastes better when it comes from a glass with pictures of Montana on it), and some great vintage fabric for my cousin who is about to start earning a degree in fashion design.  
Brooklyn has some of the small town characteristics that Pittsburgh is known for, so it feels very much like home to me. Also in Brooklyn- I saw a tiny old woman chasing after a cockroach with her cane, and met a guy in Brooklyn Bridge park who explained to me that I probably like hanging out down their because it is the part of the city that most resembles Pittsburgh. 
Now, back to the pile of work on my desk in an attempt to not start out training being really far behind. 

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