16 June, 2008

Public Opinion

When people find out what I'm doing with my life (which is hard to avoid since I talk about it a lot), they say one of two things. I appreciate both and I think both are meant to be helpful, but redundancy is no fun. What are these things I always hear? 
1. "They're going to call you white bitch and stab you in the bathroom." or,
2. "As long as you help one kid..."

My grad classes start tomorrow morning and maybe after that I'll have some sort of appropriate response to those things. Today I thought about all of the stuff in the "experience" column of my resume. They are all things that were a few hours a week or part time at the most. I always put 100% into them, came home exhausted and they had such an impact on me. I can't imagine what full-time teaching will be like. 
(I have big plans for things like cooking healthy food and going to the gym (to take boxing class!) to cancel out all of the side-effects.)

Also, in unrelated news, I finally did the research on the net gun which no one needs but I think would be endlessly entertaining.  My financial/nutritional advisor, Whitney, and I have decided that it is far to expensive for someone with my job in New York. 

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