21 June, 2008

It's a marathon, not a sprint

I survived my first week of training! The first 2 weeks are a semester long class compressed into 9 days so it is pretty intense. Most of the stuff we are learning is interesting, and the work is challenging. If there is anything I will spend 8 hours a day taking notes on and talking about, this is it. When I was going in to the city on my second day of training I heard a woman ranting about her daughter's teacher, who she not-so-affectionately named "Big Bird." There are plenty of other reminders that what I'm about to do is as close to impossible as I can get, but after the first week I feel inspired more than discouraged. 
My field training site for July is out in Canarsie, by where they filmed Half Nelson, so it should be a really interesting summer school to observe. 
Some other things to note: 
We used some videos from this site in class last week and some of them are very interesting. 
2,200 children are victims of commercial sexual exploitation every year in New York City. 

In non teacher news, I am sick, and am dealing with another aspect of moving- finding a doctor/dealing with insurance/not having my mom to make me chicken soup (that's been a fact for 4 years but I think it continues to be troubling forever).
Yesterday I saw Get Smart which was funny. Not hilarious, but about what I expected. And Anne Hathaway did a really good job, I hate to admit. Some guy in front of me in the theater said she was perfect. I wouldn't go that far, but his judgement was questionable as he actually answered a cell phone call during the movie. 

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