29 June, 2008

It's baaack

The long awaited return of the soccer liveblog. 
Pregame: Well, Enrique's song was pretty awful, much worse than whatever dance was on before that. 
I'm happy to know that Sergio Ramos hasn't gotten a haircut since the World Cup. 
espn.com is featuring an article about how the stadium where this game is being played was a site for medical experiments on Jews and other prisoners during the Holocaust. 
Michael Ballack, who has gotten a haircut, is leading Germany in their anthem, which is the same melody as my University of Pittsburgh Alma Mater. Not weird at all. 
Espn deportes is not showing the game, so I am watching in English.
1st half- the announcers remind us that Spain hasn't won this since before most of the players on the team were born and Franco was ruling Spain. So, will they perform like the Red Sox a few years ago or the Pirates every single year? 
3:08- Sergio Ramos breaks out the arms up in the air "I didn't do it!" made popular by every member of the Duke basketball team. He really didn't do it though. 
7:07- Per Mertesacker runs really fast, but Sergio's hair and "i didn't do it" leg stop him before he can get a good shot off. 
9:31- This is tricky without DVR. But Podolski just did something to Sergio Ramos that isn't even allowed in Ultimate Fighting, which pretty much has no rules. 
11:10- Torres has gotten 4 years younger since the last time I saw him play soccer. 
12:21- Casillas has a better windmill than Michael Beasley (go see Gunnin for that #1 Spot).
14:03- Distracted by the announcer's pronunciation of Xavi's name, I missed most of that play, which looked close. Xavi followed up by kicking the ball into a group of 5 german players. 
18:29- It's hot in Austria, shocking. Marchena, who I've never heard of, doesn't agree with the ref. Soccer players are great actors.
19:04- Torres' ankle just did about 4 360 degree spins.
22:07- A fantastic display of both soccer skills and what you should do if someone is shooting at you. 
25:00-  I took a facebook break. Nothing remarkable has happened. In other news, the Strand Annex is closing in August. Everything is on sale. Today I came home with Tender is the Night, a book about Jackie Robinson, and Americus by Ferlinghetti. 
27:13- Germany has committed only 2 more fouls than Spain. But the fouls they commit involve remarkable choreography. 
29:29- The announcer is criticizing the players' begging for fouls. The phrase man up comes to mind. 
32:00- Torrrrrrrrrres! Puyol, who is old enough to be Torres' great- grandfather gives him a hug. The announcer just said something vaguely sexual. I need espn deportes. 
33:00- Espn deportes is now en vivo at the game. I can't understand the announcers as well so I can't tell when they say awful things. 
34:00- The Mets are pounding the Yankees again (that is vaguely sexual I guess). I live in a Mets neighborhood.  Some German player is napping on the field. Play continues elsewhere. 
36:7- It's Mertesacker I think. oddly the stats are in English on EspnD, but the scrolling stats on the bottom are in Spanish. Magglio Ordoñez, my favorite baseball player, is on the DL.  Ballack appears to have been strangled, there are lines of blood up his neck. Unlike a baseball player, he comes back into the game. 
41:35- Fabregas does some beautiful ballet. Which results in a pile-up and confrontation.  The  ref with the cards is wearing a masculine turquoise shirt. Iker Casillas got a yellow card for whatever just happened. 
43:34- The Yankees are mounting a comeback. I am contemplating going to a bar for the rest of the game. 
45:00 The announcer says something to the effect of this- Spain is playing more like their present than their past. I am headed to Nevada Smith's because soccer is better with Carlsberg. Check out deadspin  for updates by someone who actually understands soccer. 

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